Raise your hand if you’ve heard any of these cries for help coming from the area around your printer:
• “The printer says it needs toner. Somebody call Joe, he’s the only one who knows how to change the cartridge.”
• “We’re out of toner and we need to get this printed today!”
• “The printer is down again. Where’s Joe?”

Other signs your office would benefit from Managed Print Services (MPS) include piles of unclaimed printed pages left by the printer each day and time wasted or missed deadlines while you wait for the printer to be up and running again.

These workflow-halting occurrences could be remedied by contracting with an MPS provider. MPS provides proactive monitoring and management of a company’s fleet of printers to optimize and streamline its printing environment. By outsourcing the day-to-day management of your printers through MPS a company can reduce printing costs, ensure a smoother functioning office, and let Joe focus on critical projects rather than your office equipment.

What You Can Expect from MPS?
Analysis and Consolidation – Not only do individual desk printers serve only one person, they often need unique print cartridges that can add up to extra expenses. Replacing them with larger, networked printers located in optimal locations maximizes equipment usage and improves workflow. During your initial MPS assessment, your provider will analyze your printer fleet and help you consolidate printers, streamlining your fleet for maximum efficiency.

Automatic Supply Replenishment – Through the remote monitoring your printers, your MPS provider will detect when your ink and toner levels are low and automatically send replacements before you need them. Besides eliminating downtime by keeping your devices up and running, you will no longer take up valuable office space storing supplies. Nor will you be spending valuable capital overstocking your inventory.

Improved Security – Because your MPS provider can implement measures such as ‘pull’ or ‘follow-me’ printing while regularly updating firmware and encrypting your devices, employees will be restricted to only the information they need, and hackers will be kept at bay. These efforts will prevent critical company data from falling into the wrong hands.

Real-Time Monitoring – Downtime due to printer problems can mean lowered productivity and missed deadlines. An MPS provider will utilize software that keeps an eye on each of your printers. This monitoring will identify issues before they turn into bigger problems that impact your workflows.

Who Should Take Advantage of MPS?
Any company that wants to increase productivity, improve employee efficiency, maximize return on investment (ROI), and grow their business should will benefit from an MPS solution. From small businesses with no resources for managing their print needs to multi-department corporations that have the resources but lack the expertise, MPS is suitable for organizations of any size. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today so that together we can custom tailor a print management solution that fits your unique needs.