Managed IT Services is an excellent way for most businesses to get a significant return on investment, but many operators don’t fully understand what it means. Essentially, any IT work that is outsourced falls under the category of Managed IT. This can range from fully replacing in-house staff with an outsourced provider to merely supplementing your IT with a remote service (such as cloud access). Regardless of how much you do or don’t utilize Managed IT, one of the key principles to understand is that this resource will be more than a response team. They will help you strategize your IT solutions, and in many cases, they will make autonomous decisions on your behalf based on technical expertise and best practices. For example, an outsourced cloud provider will likely distribute regular software and security updates and patches without asking your permission. This can streamline IT and save your business large sums of money.

How Managed IT Services Boosts ROI

You don’t have to take it on faith that Managed IT Services can help your bottom line. Here are two common ways for your business to benefit:

  • Efficiency. Simply put, in-house IT resources aren’t always spent wisely. Consider how many times a certified professional has been called away from value-adding work for a task as simple as checking network connectivity. When IT is outsourced, less time is wasted on remedial tasks. Moreover, employees will waste fewer IT resources with this arrangement. This keeps your existing IT staff focused on more important tasks that you’d like them to do instead.

Additionally, working with an outsourced team of experts ensures that any issues that come up will be promptly addressed. Your in-house staff may be great at what they do, but also may require considerable time to troubleshoot issues outside of their wheelhouse. As you know, this time spent equates to money. Instead, your Managed IT Services provider will handle all of your IT issues in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

  • Mitigating Direct Costs. Staffing IT comes with three big labor costs: training, turnover, and overtime. Outsourcing IT greatly mitigates the overall cost, as those expenses will filter into your contract. Outsourcing IT management, therefore, is much more cost effective in the long-run. This is possible because, in essence, your business is splitting the overhead costs of IT with your provider’s other clients. This equally applies to off-site hardware costs, like servers.

Managed IT is not a singular approach to staying on top of technology demands. In many cases, it works best as a piece of the larger puzzle. If you want a better grasp on some of the options that can help you get more out of your IT resources, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.