Today’s office technology devices play such a vital role in the workflows of businesses large and small. From large corporations to modest Mom and Pop operations, modern office equipment like copiers and printers handle a great deal of our workloads and automate many tedious manual tasks. But did you know your office technology could also lend a hand to your marketing department, making it easier and more efficient for them to promote your brand to clients and prospects?

Human beings are visual creatures and today’s printers and multifunction devices are significantly more technically advanced than their predecessors. This is a fantastic pairing for marketing professionals, as modern office technology devices make it possible for you to quickly and affordably create powerful, high-quality, eye-catching materials and collateral to drive brand awareness. No more running to the print shop or shipping printed materials from one location to another. Print materials on your schedule, easily accommodating any last-minute edits or changes.

Today’s devices also provide you with a great deal of flexibility for your marketing materials. From stationery to leaflets, barcodes to gloss printing, you’ll have no shortage of options for high-impact designs that can be created on-demand. Finishing options such as folding, booklet making, and clear gloss printing enable you to produce top-notch materials without taking up a ton of your already-busy staff’s time. Variable data printing allows you to personalize your marketing materials to really connect with your recipients.

When it comes to marketing, sometimes bigger is in fact better. You can take advantage of this by having a wide format printer at your disposal. A wide format printer functions much like any other printer, but it provides you more versatility by enabling you to print on larger media and a variety of different materials. Some wide format devices can handle rolls more than 15 feet in width, and common print mediums include paper, vinyl, textiles, and wood. They allow you to print large marketing materials such as signs, posters, and banners, in-house, saving you time, money, and hassle when getting your message out in a big way.

Modern office technology devices are an asset to your entire company, but sometimes their impact on marketing departments goes overlooked. With a modern printer, multifunction device, or wide format printer in house, you’ll be able to create high-quality marketing materials without having to outsource your print jobs. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to find the perfect machine for your unique needs.