Bringing a piece of office equipment, like a copier or printer, into your business may seem like a big commitment, but it doesn’t have to be. Short-term equipment rentals allow you to pay for the use of equipment for a specific time period, rather than committing to a lease or making a purchase. Rental equipment is available for a wide range of capabilities—from high-volume copying to high-quality color printing, or even  multifunction machines that can copy, print, scan, and fax.

Better still, renting equipment is painless for you, as delivery, installation, and removal are included with rental fees. The time frame of a rental can vary from days to weeks to months to suit your business’ needs.

Consider the following scenarios to determine when a short-term rental may make sense for your business.

Peak productivity periods
If your business has heavy seasonal fluctuation, rental may be a perfect solution. Whether it’s tax season, annual open enrollment, or quarterly reporting, renting a printer provides you the added technology you need to get through the busiest times without a long-term commitment of space and funds.

Short-term offices
Businesses on the move can find equipment rentals valuable and convenient. From rotating sales offices to construction sites, to temporary transitional spaces and beyond—renting  printers or copiers is a great way to take the headache out of non-traditional working environments. Short-term rentals are also great for limited projects, like digitizing backlogs of paper records.

Special events
Whether it’s a seminar, convention, or trade show, responsiveness is critical to your attendees’ experience. By having the right equipment on hand to print programs, workbooks, nametags, speaker notes, and agenda corrections, you can keep attendees focused on content and event staff focused on service.

Emergencies & recovery operations
Rented equipment can be lifesaving for disaster response agencies and emergency operations command centers. Whether you’re in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or into the rebuilding phase, renting print, scan, or copy equipment can ensure that even temporary arms perform effectively.

Short-term office equipment rental is an often-forgotten option for companies that need performance without commitment. Whether sailing through annual productivity booms, managing short-term offices, wrangling special events, or recovering from disasters, short-term equipment rental gives you the flexibility and capacity needed to drive your business forward.

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