When it comes to the modern printers that are available for business use, there are quite a few options to choose from. The wide variety of brands and multitude of functions can make this decision feel a bit overwhelming at first glance. Fortunately, this blog post can help you understand the most important factors to focus on during your decision-making process to uncomplicate the process.

Assess your needs

Assessing the printing needs of your office is the first step; it must occur before anything else. It’s essential for you to understand things such as your office’s print volume, the type of documents printed, the use of color vs. black and white, how many computers need to print from, and the level of print quality needed. Once you have a good understanding of your printing needs, it will be much easier to start narrowing down printer types and find one that specifically can meet these needs.

Here are some of the main printer attributes to consider:

Speed – If your office requires the printing of large volumes of documents, the speed of your chosen printer should be a top priority.
Quality – If your office will be printing documents with a reasonable amount of images or graphics, you’d be better suited with an inkjet printer instead of a laser printer. Inkjet devices are better at printing quality images and graphics. However, if it’s high-quality text you’re looking for in your printed documents, a laser device is better suited to provide this on a wide variety of paper types.
Paper capacity – If your office prints large jobs, you need a printer with a tray capacity that can handle a large amount of paper. You don’t want to get stuck with a printer where you need to reload the paper every five minutes, constantly slowing down your print jobs.
User-friendly controls – Many of today’s printers are equipped with touch screen controls that will walk you through each task. If you are concerned about the simplicity of use, find a model and test it out before you purchase it. You can also read through online customer reviews to get a feel for its functionality.
Scanning and additional features – If you are looking for a versatile device that prints, scans, faxes, and copies, you should consider a multifunction printer (MFP). These all-in-one devices offer multiple functions with a small footprint.
Maintenance – All printers need maintenance along the way to ensure their longevity. Partnering up with an office technology provider such as Golden Gate Office Solutions can help you set up a maintenance support plan to keep your printer up and running for the long haul, maximizing the ROI for your device.

For more information on the different types of printers that are available to help meet the specific needs of your business, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.