Managed IT has many different factors, but it boils down to having someone else take care of your technology needs. Most businesses realize the more you can automate, the better off you will be. It cuts down on errors and saves you money, which increases profit. People often think of IT management as something big companies do, but IT for small businesses makes sense because small businesses use the same technology that large companies use.

There are many benefits for small businesses in San Francisco to use Managed IT. Technology is doing more for us than ever, but we can still get bogged down in taking care of that technology. Having someone else run the system and keep it running makes sense. Having them run it, and keep it running, is an excellent way for San Francisco Small business to operate.

Reduced Cost

Cost reduction and increased productivity are the two best reasons for San Francisco small business to use managed IT. These two items alone account for most of your costs, so the more you can reduce them the more profit you will make. Automated software takes human error out of the picture. The technology takes care of routine tasks more efficiently than a person can, so you increase productivity. You save money by having fewer people involved.


Another good reason to use small business managed IT is reliability and keeping your data available. With a managed system your chances of catching a failing hard drive increase, and you can have it set up to switch automatically if there is a severe problem, With managed IT systems you can have automated backups as well, so you won’t lose anything.

Having managed IT for your small business makes you more efficient by allowing all departments to communicate better. Everyone has access to all the materials, so you are better able to communicate more efficiently. This also increases accountability for everyone and increases transparency.  Automation makes you more efficient on many levels. It enhances profitability and allows workers to work on more important things while computers take care of routine details.

If you’d like to learn more about how small businesses use managed IT in San Francisco, and how you can utilize it for your business, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.