Offsite backup is a method of backing up data to another external server. It can also be done on other media (tapes, for example) that are moved from your location to another more secure site. Offsite backup is extra insurance and an important part of business continuity planning.

Three main advantages of your offsite backup:

Your Business Continuity Planning Might Require Offsite Backup

Local backups are an important operational IT strategy. They are convenient and provide a safety net in the event of a system crash or data corruption. However, an earthquake, fire, or other natural disasters can take your system and any local backup devices with it. Cyber-attacks can also corrupt local data as well as onsite backups.

Your offsite backup location for your data at a hardened, secure location is an important element of your business continuity planning. The ideal off-site location is one away from your San Francisco place of business and in a zone where a natural disaster is far less likely.

Your Offsite Backups are Additional Assurance Against Equipment Failure.

Your local San Francisco backup strategy is only as reliable as the media you use. According to an infographic published by Small Business Trends, 140,000 hard drives fail in the U.S. each week. Sadly, less than half (42 percent) of small businesses are not prepared for a data loss, and 60 percent of the businesses that lose their data will be shut down within 6 months. Add to those alarming stats that nearly one-third of all hard drive failures are caused by accident, you need an off-site storage strategy for your San Francisco business.

Offsite Data Backup is More Secure than Your Local Backup.

Aside from fires, accidents, and earthquakes, your data is vulnerable to other threats. Unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, and ransomware head up a scary trio of challenges businesses face in the information age.

The best offsite data backup solution has additional layers of network protection you cannot provide locally. Additionally, offsite backup provides data protection redundancy. In the unlikely event that your data is damaged or lost at one offsite backup location, it could still be recovered from an alternate location.

Every San Francisco data-driven business should consider offsite backup.  Whatever strategy fits your needs, we have the IT professionals who can help you with your offsite backup planning. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions for more information.