Your company may operate in the Digital Age, but a reliable printer remains an absolute necessity in the current business environment. Many owners and executives make the mistake of choosing their printing equipment based solely on price. When taking this approach, it probably won’t take long for you to regret this decision. Whether your device can’t handle the workflow of your office, it’s unreliable due to poor quality, or it is not capable of being integrated with other office machinery, your productivity will certainly decrease across departments.

The right printer can help your office perform at optimum levels and meet your expectation levels with ease. There are two major signs that your printer is not quite up to the task: too much downtime and failure to integrate.

Too Much Downtime.
There is little in business that is more frustrating than a printer breakdown, especially when you are nearing a deadline. Preparing marketing materials, completing a project for key clients, or pulling together financial statements for investor meetings are stressful enough without having to deal with unreliable devices. Paper jams, faulty parts, and slow functionality can all mean that your device is overloaded and not up to the challenge that your workflow presents for the device. Life is too short to spend time waiting for a service technician to get your printer up and running again! If your staff holds their breath and crosses their fingers every time they print a document, it’s likely time for an upgrade.

Integration Failure.
One of the biggest innovations of recent years is the technological advancements that allow for full integration between PCs and printers. Who doesn’t love scanning documents directly to a shared drive rather than having to make copies and physically distribute them? If your printer does not free up the time and energy of your staff by eliminating manual tasks to help them to concentrate on their core functions, a new printer may be your best bet for increased productivity. Streamlining printing tasks is one of the most effective ways to increase office morale and help make certain clerical tasks feel less burdensome.

Can your office printer handle the challenges your company throws at it? Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to get started finding a printer that is better suited for your specific workflow needs.