First and foremost, a wide format printer functions to print high-quality images on large media formats that often range from two to fifteen feet in width. These printers can handle high quality graphic presentations that your everyday standard printer cannot.

Advanced droplet technology on wide format printers uses microscopic ink technology to create amazing image clarity. You also get speedy outputs that are unmatched by standard printers. For example, most wide format printers can print around fifteen high quality image posters an hour. It’s an amazing print technology that will keep your business ahead of the curve with your technology initiatives, an essential approach for ongoing success.

Now that we have reviewed how a wide format printer works and some of the benefits it brings, let’s take a look at some of the industries that can utilize this printing technology.

Construction Industry

There are a lot of benefits to using a wide format printer in the construction and home design industry; however, it all comes down to presentation. Architects, interior designers, and engineers rely on larger documents to present layouts and schematics in the highest image quality possible. Wide format printers help create that “wow factor” for its customers, which is so important for any type of business.

Marketing Industry

Marketing is all about grabbing your audience’s attention. Wide format printers provide the opportunity to create large, vividly colorful displays through posters and banner-ads. Again, the high quality images (particularly logos) are important features in this industry that standard printers cannot provide.


Whether it’s a public elementary school or a university, schools of all kinds regularly need to post public information for students, teachers, and parents. Posters and banners are best to grab their attention when it comes to important announcements on events and school procedures, making a wide format device a great option for educators.

Healthcare Industry

Take a walk through a hospital and you will see signage everywhere. Some of it is to help point patients and guests in the right direction. Other posters and banners are informative about hospital services or upcoming events. Nonetheless, wide format printers can help create these graphic presentations with great ease.


Casinos rely on flash and pizazz to “wow” their guests. There’s no better place for posters and other large formatted graphic designs to help catch the eye of onlookers. Special guest events, blackjack games, poker events, and stand-up comedian shows are just a small handful of examples that you will see being advertised on large printouts.

The need for an in-house wide format printer

If your business falls under one of the industries above, or even a different industry that relies on large, high quality graphic prints, a wide format printer is your best bet. Utilizing an in-house wide format printer cuts out the expenses and inconveniences of outsourcing your printing needs. Contact us today to learn more about some of the wide format printers that are available here in the San Francisco Bay area to help your business.