Maintaining paper files can be a time-consuming task. From lost paperwork to printing out emails, handling paperwork can be costly, particularly when you add in the price of paper, consumables, device wear and tear, and more. If you are overwhelmed by stacks of paper piling up in your office, then your business may want to consider implementing a document management system. Here are some ways a document management system can help your business run more effectively.


What is a Document Management System?

A document management system can help your business go virtually paperless because it stores all of your documents and business files in digital form. This storage makes archiving, retrieval, and editing easy. Through document management, your data are stored in a cloud management software, making archiving, retrieval, and editing of company-based documents easy. Instead of having paper files scattered throughout the office, all of your documents are stored electronically and are easily accessible to both on-site and remote employees.


What Are the Benefits of Document Management?

Document management is a solution that should be embraced by all data-driven companies, not just those attempting to go paperless. This modern data management software brings with it a variety of benefits that can be a boon to businesses of all sizes. Below are some of the main advantages you’ll realize after implementing a document management system in your business.


Reduced Storage Space

One of the main benefits of a document management system is that you will rely on a reduced amount of physical storage space typically required by hardcopy documents. If your business still uses paper files, take a look at how much space those hardcopies are taking up. You may have shelves of files, file cabinets, or may even have a separate storage room or facility filled with documents. This is particularly true for businesses that are required to adhere to stringent compliance regulations. Odds are, you can utilize that space in a way that is much more beneficial to your business. Electronically stored files, like the ones in a document management system, free up your physical space while maintaining accessibility needs and compliance regulations.


Automated Workflow

Another benefit associated with a document management system is that it can help you automate workflows. Through this system, you can easily automate everyday workflow processes, such as approvals, validations, internal and external content routing, tasking of assignments, and more. This automation can also be seen in this software’s collaboration abilities, as several users can simultaneously work on document updates without fear of losing edits or the cumbersome task of having multiple files as a document is revised and updated. These collaboration features allow for seamless workflows and ensure no member of your team is waiting for another to finish before getting the job done.


Easier Access to Files

Traditionally, before someone can work on a file, they have to physically find that document. If someone is out of the office or away on business, they are unable to access a document until they are back in the office or emailed the most recent version. This hurdle can stall the process of following up with clients and creates a delay in tasks being completed. But, with a document management system, anyone with access can open and edit files regardless of where they are.


Enhanced Security

One of the common concerns that businesses have with document management systems is that their cloud management software might get hacked, and their files run the risk of being accessed. Another common concern is internal access to the most confidential data on your network, such as HR information (salaries, addresses, social security numbers, etc.), C-level reports, customer credit card numbers, and more. Implementing a document management system actually enhances your data’s security in both instances. With cloud-based document management software, user- or role-based permissions control those who are allowed to view, edit, or print documents, with records of any actions or changes made to individual files. This oversight ensures privacy and confidentiality of files, as opposed to paper files that—when left unattended—can be viewed by anyone.


Better Back up and Disaster Recovery Methods

What would happen if you were to experience a fire or flood within your workplace? In San Francisco, we all have to be mindful of the possibility of earthquakes at all times. What would happen to your business data if you relied on hardcopy documents – or even a shared drive that wasn’t backed up? Could you operate normally after a catastrophic event? As businesses rely on data to complete daily tasks, it’s important to ensure that this data is backed up in the cloud and accessible after a natural disaster or an emergency. Document management does just that, guaranteeing that you can get back to business sooner as this solution stores all your data in the cloud.


Should Your Business Implement a Document Management System?

From reduced storage costs to improving your employees’ workflows, there are numerous benefits associated with implementing a document management system. You’ll experience streamlined processes, increased security, mobility, and even gain a competitive edge over your competition. You’ll also gain the peace of mind knowing you never have to worry about losing a document again because all of your business data will be stored electronically.


Document management systems can be beneficial to a wide range of businesses. If your San Francisco business is looking to go paperless and improve workflow, a document management system may be ideal for you. We partner with DocuWare, a leading document management software company, to provide all of our customers with the best solutions to meet their unique needs. To learn more about implementing document management in your business, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to get started.