Executives cringe when they are told they need to change to how they do business. Change usually means new equipment or software, different processes, employee training, and perhaps most daunting, money. The good news is that mobile printing requires little of that. Now, the pressing question is, “Has your company embraced mobile printing?” If not, here are some reasons why you should:

We Live in a Mobile World
The days of being tied to the office have given way quickly to the reality you can be productive from just about anywhere. “On-demand” has become more than a new business buzzword. If your business hasn’t embraced mobile printing, it is in danger of being left behind by the competition.

Print from Any Device
Mobile printing allows you to print from devices you probably already have—desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Suppose a sales representative leaves the last two pages of a proposal back at the office. Not that long ago, time and distance might have ended all hopes of getting the deal. Not today! Odds are, you already have an app on your smartphone that allows you to print to any wireless-enabled printer or fax machine.

Print from Anywhere
That same mobile app allows you to print from anywhere—from your car while stuck in traffic or the game that just went into double overtime. Mobile technology makes it possible to access data and business files from wherever you are viewing and printing.

Capture and Share
Mobile printing apps—many of which are free—enable you to scan and print just about anything from your phone or tablet. You’re empowered to print paperwork, capture an e-signature, or send data directly to the office.

Embracing mobile printing allows you to be flexible without sacrificing productivity. You and your employees can print from just about anywhere. Work on a document while enjoying a cappuccino in a coffee shop, print it to your office before leaving the table, and know that your staff will already have it in hand when you get there.

The ability to use any device to print from anywhere makes you infinitely more productive. Mobile printing allows you to print on the go, with greater ease, and more effectively than ever before. The question isn’t, can you afford it but rather can you afford not to? Contact us today to learn more about bringing a mobile printing solution to your organization.