While we still rely on old fashioned mail in business, who has time to run to the post office to pick up stamps or postage? Or sit and manually affix stamps or postage to each individual piece of outgoing mail? That’s why so many businesses have their own personal postage meter in the office. When you’re sending mail in large quantities, a postage meter is a surefire way to add efficiency to your mailing efforts. It will save you time, effort, and even money. In this blog post, we explain why a postage meter is a must-have item if your business does a significant amount of mailing each month.

What is a postage meter?
Postage meters are devices that weigh your outgoing mail and print postage directly onto a package or meter tape that can be affixed to the envelope or package, eliminating the need for stamps. Postage meters allow you to print postage for every type of mail service except periodicals; this includes First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, and International Mail. Since meters are regulated by the United States Postal Service and postage is deemed the same as currency by the federal government, they can’t be purchased and owned outright. Postage meters must be leased from an authorized provider.

What types of postage meters are available?
Postage meters come in a variety of sizes and styles, with some offering unique features to make your life easier. For starters, you can choose between small, medium, and large devices, based on the volume of mail you send. There are also different methods of feeding envelopes into a postage meter: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. The feeding type best-suited for your business will also come down to the amount of mailing you do and how much manual effort you want to put into the process. Processing speed is another consideration to be made, as each device has its own Letters Per Minute (LPM) rating for how fast it can apply postage to your envelopes. Finally, there are additional features to increase efficiency, from automatically moistening and sealing envelopes, to external scales that can accommodate large packages, even scales with dynamic weighing that can assess the size and weight of each package and automatically apply the appropriate postage.

Why do I need a postage meter in my office?
If your business regularly handles a high volume of outgoing mail, investing in a postage meter will save you both time and money. A meter will prove to be no match for manually sealing and sticking postage to envelopes, enabling your staff to spend their time on more important tasks. You’ll also never need to make a trip to the post office again. Postage meters offer discounts on USPS and express mail services, saving you money on each piece you mail. In addition, you will experience further cost savings by eliminating overpaying for postage by calculating the appropriate cost every time based on weight, type, and destination.

If your office is ready to take advantage of the savings of time, money, and hassle offered by an in-house postage meter, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.