Whiteboards have become an essential part of our business lives. No brainstorm session is complete without one. If you find yourself snapping smartphone pics of your board before you leave the room in order to capture the meeting’s outcomes, it may be time to consider purchasing an interactive whiteboard. These boards are a fantastic way to capture your thoughts, strategies, and ideations without worrying about missed insight or data. Interactive boards allow you to refer back to each version of the board, no matter how many times it’s been wiped. It also allows input from remote users. Here’s how your San Francisco business can benefit from an interactive whiteboard

Why Your Business Needs an Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is a multimedia tool that can help you get your vision across much more effectively. With an interactive whiteboard, your business adds:

  • Interaction and Remote Participation – Participants both in the room and those that are remote can easily contribute to your session. It is possible to also have members add commentary from the audience or voice their comments and input. With regular whiteboards, participation is limited to those who are physically in the room.
  • Increased Visuals – It is possible to now include video on your presentation when it is conducted via interactive whiteboards. You can also add effects, including spreadsheets and data charts, all with the ease of a few clicks. If you rely on visual presentations to communicate your vision, these whiteboards include a myriad of functions. Think of your whiteboard as a mini-computer that no longer relies on your physical input.
  • Data Preservation – Having a whiteboard erased before someone has the chance to capture its data and strategies is counterproductive to your business. What is the sense of brainstorming on the fly when you then have to wait for someone to notate every iteration, whether it turns out to be useful or not? With an interactive whiteboard, you will be able to go back and review data without any worry of it being erased.

If you think an interactive whiteboard would be a good fit for your business, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions to order one today!