Minimizing costs is a constant effort in business, and a top priority for many organizations. However, one area that is often overlooked is printing costs. Most businesses tend to stop thinking about their printing efforts after they are put in place, and lose track of the fact that this adds up to a sizeable portion of their budget. A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can assess your print environment to identify cost savings and opportunities to maximize productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the ways how.

Increase efficiency and cut your costs
An MPS assessment can help identify some unexpected expenses that will help control costs moving forward. For example, many companies’ workflows are inefficient due to the placement of equipment throughout their office. Employees often use the printers closest to their workspace, even if it is not the most efficient machine for the job. Desktop printers are another concern— desktop devices are often not on your network and untracked, unknowingly driving up your costs.

Understand your printing needs
Today’s employees are on the go, quickly moving from one project to another to meet deadline after deadline. With so much going on, it’s easy to lose sight of your printing needs. An MPS assessment will help you get a grasp on what your business actually needs to print. For example, do your employees print up meeting agendas only to find a stack of agendas waiting for them in the board room? Maybe you don’t need paper-agendas after all, as employees can access agendas from mobile devices. This type of evaluation of your printing needs can help improve overall efficiency around your office.

Break down the numbers
An MPS assessment will start off with a comprehensive scan of your network output devices. From there, the scan will report back status and supply levels, meter readings, page counts, and more. These important figures will provide a detailed overview of your print environment, giving you a snapshot of how things are running. An assessment may also include detailed findings of your print fleet’s service history. Looking back at your usage numbers can often reveal patterns in areas that can become more efficient with a few minor tweaks to your printing approach.

There are many benefits to an MPS assessment, but cutting costs and improving your printing efficiency are the outcomes that will make the biggest impact on your business. To learn more about assessments and how they can benefit your business, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.