San Francisco is home to a wide range of businesses that could benefit from a wide format printer. If your marketing includes the use of large-scale advertisements then a wide format printer is a great investment choice.

Wide Format Printer Benefits

Vibrant Images and Clearer Text – Large-scale printers know the difference between graphics and text messages. The best advertising messages will use a good combination of both, and the best printers know how to improve text clarity and increase the vibrancy of graphic images. Commercial printers do both on a large scale, where the distance to the reader is taken into account.

Faster Printing for Businesses – These are commercial use printers. That means their print speeds are faster than a desktop copier or printer could achieve. A commercial printer can output 15 high-quality, color posters in just one hour. That’s faster than most copy services can deliver from order to completion.

Large Creative Products – Today’s advertising graphics are incredibly creative and often use life-size cutouts as a print outline. With a wide format printer, you can print a larger-than-life corporate logo, mascot, or other symbols that connect the consumer with your products. A large coffee cup, martini glass, or sneakers are just a few graphic images that speak to a target audience.

Printing Artistic Signage – Businesses that feature large showcase rooms are looking for artistic ways to attract customers. Artistic signage printed on a large-format printer can accomplish both. If you have a large, unused wall space – why not print a sign with graphics and a message for customers to enjoy while waiting or browsing.

Wide Format Printer Advertising is opening the doors to new marketing ideas. These large printed messages leave an unforgettable impression and can put you ahead of the competition. Commercial printers are built to last with robust components and heavy-duty frames that can stand years of heavy usage. You can expect a great return on your investment when you choose to operate an in-house, large-scale printer instead of wasting money by sending your print needs to outside vendors.

Now that you know the benefits of owning a wide format printer for your San Francisco business contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to learn more about which printer is best for your print advertising needs.