Life is unpredictable, and so are the disasters that could occur in your small or mid-sized business. Any disaster has the potential to cost your business thousands or millions of dollars in lost revenue. It pays to have a disaster recovery plan in place to mitigate the devastating effects that even a brief moment of downtime and data loss can have on your San Francisco business.

A disaster recovery plan outlines steps your company can take to minimize interruptions and quickly bounce back after a broad range of threats, from temporary power outages to fire and earthquakes. Read on to learn how a solid document recovery plan benefits your business.

Proper Planning Helps Reduce Costs


Unplanned downtime can prove costly for any business. According to recent estimates from the Ponemon Institute, unplanned downtime can cost businesses $926 in lost revenue per minute, and some larger companies can lose up to $17,244 for every minute of downtime. These numbers help put the importance of having a disaster recovery plan in perspective.

Risk Reduction Increases Productivity


An unforeseen disaster not only causes financial losses but also losses in employee productivity. Without a solid disaster recovery plan in place, employees can find it difficult to restore lost functions and missing data. Disaster recovery planning helps companies assign specific responsibilities and training to personnel, thereby avoiding potential chaos while ensuring business continuity.

Planning Benefits Customer Retention


Clients have high expectations of your company, and that includes having near-100-percent uptime. An unexpected outage can cause otherwise loyal clients to look elsewhere, leaving behind a company with a damaged reputation and a damaged bottom line.

Preparation Gives Your Company an Edge


Competition among businesses in San Francisco is fierce, so it helps to have an advantage over your competitors. A recent study revealed that 75 percent of small businesses lack a disaster plan. Disaster recovery planning gives you a competitive edge in situations where outages are widespread.

Effective disaster recovery in San Francisco not only involves identifying potential threats that could result in unplanned downtime but also applying corrective measures that help your company move forward in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to learn more about our disaster recovery solutions.