If your San Francisco business is looking to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the costs associated with all things printing, you might find a solution in Managed Print Services (MPS). The term “Managed Print Services” may imply it’s simply about printing, but MPS is about so much more. Along with maintain your imaging infrastructure (including your printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines), MPS organizes your devices in a way that reduces costs, improves workflow, boosts productivity, and increases environmental sustainability.

If you’re facing any of the following five problems, MPS may be the right solution for your business.

1. Inefficiency and excessive costs

Are excessive and unnecessary amounts of printing occurring in your office? Do employees spend too much time walking to and/or waiting to use the equipment? What about those numerous printed documents that are never retrieved from output trays? Do toner deliveries take forever? Is your spend rate for operating expenses higher than you’d like? (Note: Printing is one of the top three operating expenses businesses have.) If any of this sounds familiar, you’re wasting resources, and MPS may be right for your business.

2. Inability to track metrics

If you can’t track your metrics, you can’t detect inefficiencies. Managed Print Services can provide you with page counts, page coverage, service reports, alerts, and more to give you a better idea of your printing habits and, ultimately, save you money.

3. Lack of continuity

If your office is comprised of a mishmash of equipment designed to work independently rather than in conjunction with each other, then you are experiencing a huge disconnect with your office equipment. This lack of continuity is inefficient and costly in the long term. MPS can help make your imaging equipment work together as a useful tool, helping to boost productivity.

4. Security vulnerabilities

Networked printers play a role in today’s IoT security vulnerabilities. These devices are subjected to being exploited due to their connection to the Internet, which can harm both your equipment and your network. Security is costly, and MPS can relieve some of the burden.

5. No company-wide policy

If you don’t have a company-wide policy set for printing, there is no standard for employees to follow. This equates to waste of time and resources, along with opening the company up to vulnerabilities.

According to a statistics compiled by Gartner, about 90 percent of companies don’t know the number of printers they have or the amount spent on printing. Examples of services MPS providers offer include:

  • Analyzing printing needs
  • Reducing individual printers and streamlining printer placement
  • Replacing inefficient devices
  • Automating shipments of toners, cartridges, and other supplies
  • Providing predictability of printing costs
  • Integrating remote printing to accommodate mobile

If you are considering integrating MPS into your business strategy, we can help you increase productivity, save time, and eliminate waste. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to learn more about Managed Print Services.