One of the most important steps in implementing Managed Print Services (MPS) is the initial MPS assessment. In order to have a successful system in place, you’ll want to take time to understand your print needs and how best to achieve them. Read on to understand how MPS assessments provide value for your business.

Data Collection — An MPS assessment provides a complete picture of your current print fleet’s status and resources. Your partner will make note of all the details, including the machines in your fleet and their available features, how much usage each machine gets (and by which users), and what kind of printing you do—color or black and white, as well as print volume.  They will also gain a better understanding of your power and consumables usage.

Expert Analysis — Your MPS partner now takes a close look at the data they collected in the first part of the assessment and transforms it into actionable data. Their outside eye and in-depth understanding of your machines’ capabilities provide an invaluable perspective to optimize your print strategy. In addition to tweaking your current features, you’ll be presented with solutions for currently-unmet needs. They’ll propose your optimal fleet, including devices and features, office locations, user sharing rules, and security procedures. Your MPS partner can also perform an analysis to determine the total cost of your proposed system as compared to your current one.

Skilled Implementation — After developing your new print strategy, your assessment partner will help with finalizing details, purchasing or leasing new equipment, getting rid of unneeded equipment, installing new devices, setup, and training. However, the assessment doesn’t end there. Your vendor will maintain an ongoing process of monitoring and managing your print fleet to guarantee optimal performance. Usage reports will give you a clear picture of how the new strategy is working, enabling you to manage quotas and continue to make improvements. Your assessment partner will go on to keep your print strategy in top shape by ordering consumables and providing service and proactive maintenance.

An assessment for Managed Print Services will provide critical insight for getting the most value out of your print fleet. You’ll get a complete picture of where you are, what you need, and how Managed Print Services can help your business. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions for an MPS assessment today.