From animal rescue to literacy programs, community nonprofits are always trying to raise funds, increase awareness, and equip their operations. An easy and oftentimes overlooked way to support charitable organizations in your community is by donating office equipment. Below is an overview of some of the benefits of corporate giving and how donating office equipment specifically can benefit both your business and your community.

Overhead costs are typically the most challenging expense for nonprofits around the country. From paying for physical space, to employee salaries, to supplies, the cost of running a charitable organization can add up. One particular expense that can take its toll on a nonprofit is that of office equipment. Despite their altruistic missions, nonprofits are still businesses. They require the ability to print, scan, copy, and fax to get their work done and accomplish their goals. If your current equipment is no longer serving the needs of your organization or if you are simply looking to upgrade, consider donating your machines to a charity that you stand behind. Doing so will provide a nonprofit in your community with the tools they need to function at optimal levels.

If making a donation of office equipment is something your business is considering, don’t forget about the ability to deduct these charitable gifts from your corporate taxes. Make sure the charity you choose is registered with the IRS (typically called a 501(c)3 organization) to qualify for deductions, and request a receipt for any and all gifts. Work with your office equipment vendor and tax professionals to determine a reasonable, accurate estimate of the value of your charitable gift to ensure that all corresponding paperwork truly reflects your donation.

Moreover, charitable giving is a win-win. Make note of your newfound partnership with your chosen nonprofit on your website and in your company newsletter. Sharing pictures of employees delivering equipment gives both you and the charity the opportunity to celebrate your relationship and can truly resonate with existing and future customers. Your good work makes customers feel good about giving you their business, and they, too, can feel like they are part of something important.

Whether your donation is one machine or an entire fleet, your charitable gift of office equipment can make a huge impact on a nonprofit in your area. Golden Gate Office Solutions is proud to partner with a number of nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay area by providing specialized office equipment and technology programs designed specifically for charitable organizations. If you are interested in donating office equipment to a Bay Area charity, contact Golden Gate today. We can help facilitate the process to ensure the charity of your choice has the equipment it needs to better our community.