Many businesses have begun utilizing wide format printing as a means for creating their marketing and advertising materials. So why are businesses bringing these devices in-house? Well, one of the major benefits of printing in a wide format is that it allows a business to make more powerful pieces for advertising purposes. Wide format printing makes it easier for businesses to utilize graphics and make their advertisements stand out from those of competitors. However, there is much to learn about wide format printing and how it operates.

About Wide Format Printing
Wide format printing makes it easy to create large, full-color items that have no problem catching the attention of consumers. As for the printing process, the printer lays down toner via large nozzles; this means that the ink itself is directly applied to whatever the medium may be. This printing process allows for high-quality print jobs, as the ink is being individually crafted to the piece of advertising. As far as speed, a wide format printer is incredibly fast and can create high-resolution photos almost instantly.

Printers Used for Wide Format
For wide format printing, many of the printing presses utilize roll-to-roll printers, flatbed printers, or both. For flatbed printers, the substrate will be on a bed, which will then carry or propel materials throughout the printer. Then, a UV light will hit the ink (a liquid) and turn it into a solid. A roll-to-roll printer is typically used to create printed pieces, canvas, or banners that come on rolls. How this printer operates is that it will be loaded on one side to be re-rolled onto the other. Therefore, if you have a long run of flexible material, a roll-to-roll printer might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Products Ideal for Wide Format Printing
Wide format printing can be ideal for various advertising and marketing campaigns. Common types of campaigns that can be facilitated by large format printers include:

• Banners
• Yard signs
• Posters
• Tradeshow signage
• Floor graphics
• Wall graphics
• Purchase displays
• Point of purchase banners

Durability of Wide Format Printing
One of the many perks that come with wide format printing is that the advertising materials it can create are incredibly durable. Much of these types of signage can withstand sunlight, heat, and rain with no damage. In addition to this, wide format printers make it possible to create signage on metal, plastic, foam board, glass, wood, cloth, and vinyl as well, all with ease.

Considering the information above, there are plenty of reasons why a wide format printer is exactly what your business needs for its advertising and marketing efforts. Thankfully, Golden Gate Office Solutions is here to provide you with exactly that. Contact us today for further information on how we can assist with all of your printing needs.