Data security is an ongoing initiative, and a top priority for businesses with all of the threats we face today. Companies are taking measures to protect the confidential data that is stored within their servers, networks, emails, laptops, smartphones, and any other device that is connected to sensitive data. Despite these efforts, there is an often-overlooked vulnerability when it comes to data security: office technology.

Modern printers function like computers
If you take a second to think about the functionality of your office printer, you will realize that it works just like a computer. Modern copiers and multi-function printers store information on internal hard drives. These devices also connect to your network and the Internet, providing them the capability to share data through email, fax, and shared network drives.

The stored data on these hard drives is often unprotected, leaving this information at risk. There are important security settings that should be configured and monitored on each device to ensure protection. There’s also a data-wiping process that should take place whenever you get rid of a device, whether it’s being handed down, going to the dump, or back to an office equipment provider at the end of the lease. Let’s take a closer look at each of these safeguards and how they work.

Take advantage of the device settings
It’s important to ensure your printer’s security settings are utilized, and properly customized to keep your data safe. Only authenticated users with pin codes, badges, or cards should be able to access the device. It’s also essential to know exactly where your data is being stored and how it’s being distributed. All of these security details can be located and modified within the device settings.

Perform data wipes before removing devices
When it comes time to return a rented or leased copier—or get rid of one you own—wiping the data is a critical action to ensure the security of your information. Just as you would do when swapping out any other device that stores data, this information should be erased from your copier or printer before the device moves on to another person or place of business.

Rest assured that a trusted office technology partner like Golden Gate Office Solutions will completely wipe all data from your device upon its return after your lease period. This crucial but often-overlooked step will ensure that your data does not end up in the wrong hands. For further information on printer and copier data security best practices, contact us today.