More than ever, today’s businesses are focused on being green and creating sustainable workplaces. Not only is an environmentally friendly approach good for the health of our planet, but it can also help save money for your company. Here are some simple tips to help you embrace a green approach to conducting business by operating a sustainable office.

Save energy
Simply turning off lights and equipment at the end of each day will cut energy consumption and reduce your electric bill. You can also put your computer into sleep mode whenever you step away to conserve energy. These are easy practices to implement that can be put into place immediately to help get you on your way toward a sustainable office.

No more paper
With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to reduce the amount of paper used. Storing and transmitting digital documents within an office is a simple set up with the right office technology. It also helps to get into the habit of reviewing documents digitally, rather than printing everything out to do so. Along with being environmentally friendly, this ‘less-paper’ approach will save money on paper and ink costs.

Recycle whenever possible
Recycling is another simple component to creating a sustainable office. Make sure to place recycling bins next to all printer and copiers, as well as in any public spaces so employees have easy access to recycle. It also helps to designate employees to a ‘recycling awareness team.’ This team can raise awareness and help to inform purchasing decisions on green equipment and supplies. Putting a team like this in place will keep constant attention on one of the simplest ways to go green.

Use green equipment
Sustainable office equipment is more energy efficient and can help reduce a large amount of hazardous waste into our environment. Specifically, be on the lookout for products that are ENERGY STAR certified for maximum energy efficiency.

Going green in the workplace is much easier than many think. Being conscious of your efforts will go a long way in this process. Once you put a plan for sustainability in place, you will find your business making a positive impact on the environment while simultaneously saving money and creating goodwill among your employees and clients. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today for more information on green ideas that can help make your office more sustainable.