In today’s business world, everybody’s talking about the cloud. From trade publications to major spots on network TV, advertisers are touting the cloud as the next greatest revolution in tech. But for many people, the prospect of switching their business’s services to the cloud is daunting. It sounds like a lot of work, and the concept itself is hazy—seemingly shrouded in mystery.

The truth is, the cloud offers substantial benefits, and by working with a third-party managed services provider like Golden Gate Office Solutions, businesses can bypass “cloud confusion” and start reaping the benefits of the cloud right away. Here are some benefits of partnering with a cloud managed services provider:

Free Your IT Department to Help You Do Business

Every hour your IT department spends on server maintenance or other back-end tasks is an hour they aren’t directly focusing on moving your business forward. Yes, back-end maintenance is important, but do you really need your in-house folks doing it?

The cloud seems like the answer. On the surface, moving to the cloud means that now someone else is in charge of servers, data backups, and so forth. But in reality, managing the cloud ends up taking up much of the time IT gained from offloading that work. Offloading this work to a managed services provider allows your in-house team to refocus on your core business priorities.

Don’t Go It Alone

Moving a complex business to the cloud is, well, complex. If such a move is at all intimidating to you or your company’s relevant departments, don’t do it yourself. A managed services provider with expertise in cloud migration can manage the switch for you, ensuring your move to the cloud follows best practices and doesn’t create any unforeseen headaches, work stoppages, or data loss.

Improve Performance and Reduce Costs

Using a managed services provider is efficient and cost-effective. Your IT department probably isn’t made up of people with deep expertise in cloud services, because (if your business is like most) it’s full of generalists and people with specialties related to your business. Why does this matter? Because if your in-house team isn’t made up of cloud services experts, it won’t be as efficient or effective as those experts are. A business that specializes in this area can move faster and solve problems more efficiently than your in-house team likely could. This reduces downtime and keeps costs down.

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