Color printing has become a must for most businesses. Compared to black and white, color print has a more significant impact overall and higher effectiveness at getting your company’s message across. Color graphics and text are much more aesthetically pleasing and will get your ads the attention they deserve.

Professional Appearance

When you want your company taken seriously, color printing is the way to go. Black and white advertisements don’t have the level of professionalism that color graphics have. Black and white flyers are also associated with small businesses and limited budgets. You can demonstrate the success of your brand with color ads instead.

Better CTA Results

Color print can be used as a tool in advertisements. Consumer research has been done to analyze what colors used in call to action (CTA) text are most effective. The three worst CTA colors are black, brown, and white. The best colors are red and orange because these colors invoke excitement and urgency. Besides CTA results, businesses can use color in their logos to increase brand awareness. Even if most of your ads are in monochrome, consider using color at the very least for logos and call to actions.

Improved Customer Recall

Customers are more likely to recall an advertisement in color than one in black and white. An average ad is viewed for less than 10 seconds, and during that time, a business must pool all its resources to standout. This means creating printouts with eye-catching designs and colors.

Surprisingly Affordable

A common misconception is color printing is an added expense that many businesses can’t afford. However, color copiers are very affordable and have a reduced cost per page expense. Another surprising feature of color printing is that toner is actually more cost-effective than ink cartridges. Although toners cost more initially, they have a lower overall cost per page. Most importantly, color printing has a proven higher return on investment average than monochrome printing. Although you may pay more to produce a full-color flyer, you have a better chance of recouping those costs by gaining more sales leads.

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