The modern office has transformed the way people function in the workplace. In the past decade or so, businesses have steadily moved toward the mobile office. The widespread adoption of the mobile office is expected to boost employee productivity and morale substantially. However, many businesses will need to turn to mobile printing to make the transformation from a traditional office into a mobile one feasible. Here is some information about how mobile printing can benefit a modern business.

  • Boost productivity – The main advantage of mobile printing is that it boosts the productivity of employees. Mobile printing allows employees to print from a number of locations. When it comes to mobile printing, a PC work station is not required. This means your employees can print from any room in a workplace, at an offsite conference, or even at a coffee shop. Being able to print on-the-go with ease will help your employees complete their to-do list in less time.
  • Flexibility – Another advantage of mobile printing is the flexibility it brings to your team. If you have a mobile printing solution, you and your employees know that it’s possible to print documents without delay. This reduces the need for employees to print out documents and keep them “just in case.” If you’re not going to be in your office, you don’t need to print a file until you’re sure you need it. This flexibility will give you and your employees peace of mind. The flexibility of mobile printing will also reduce paper waste and keep backpacks and briefcases light.
  • Cost savings – Mobile printing offers the potential for significant cost savings. Organizations can opt for a low-cost mobile printing solution. Such a printing solution will limit the need for printers and other equipment on site. Since mobile printing grants workers access to printing no matter where they are, there is little to no need to have a complex in-house print infrastructure. Mobile printing will likely cause you to reevaluate the need for printers and other office equipment. This reevaluation may lead to major savings on not just equipment but also printing materials, such as paper and ink.

As you can see, there are many ways your San Francisco business can benefit from a mobile printing solution. If you’re interested in incorporating mobile printing, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.