Nonprofit organizations conduct business for the benefit of their community. At Golden Gate Office Solutions, we support local nonprofits that give back to our community and make San Francisco an even greater place to live. In an effort to help pitch in and do our part, we’ve developed a program that will help local nonprofits with their office technology needs.

Equipment Evaluation
Many nonprofits rely on used, often outdated office equipment to carry out their daily operations. Although used equipment is often a valuable resource, there can be some issues from time to time with its ability to meet an organization’s needs. Our team will evaluate a nonprofit’s equipment to ensure that all machines are functioning optimally and giving the best performance possible. We will happily offer reduced prices if parts or services need updating.

Maintenance Program
Regular preventative maintenance on office equipment is important to protect against downtime due to machine issues. Nonprofit organizations tend to be fast-paced environments; most employees usually have a never ending list of tasks to complete on any given day. Machine downtime is the last thing a nonprofit needs. Regular preventative maintenance will help keep office technology devices up and running while simultaneously preventing future damage that could be costly.

Tiered Service Options
Every organization is different, with budgets that vary in size. We offer service levels to suit any nonprofit’s budget. Starting with basic parts and labor, nonprofits can get additional supply services or labor coverage as they see fit. With a commitment to purchasing toner cartridges from Golden Gate Office Solutions, nonprofits will benefit from a service partnership that includes labor and supplies. For those with a wide-format printer, we can manage its maintenance and service to make sure your materials are being produced at the best quality possible.

Extensive Brand Coverage
Many nonprofit organizations work with a variety of donated machines manufactured by multiple brands. Golden Gate’s team of trained professionals will approach each piece of equipment with the utmost care. Our goal is to keep all of your machines up and running in the best shape possible.

We service all of the following brands:
Hewlett Packard
Konica Minolta

At Golden Gate Office Solutions, we want to do our part to give back to our local community. If you work with a local 501(c)(3), or if you are looking to donate your used office equipment to help one of our local nonprofits, contact Golden Gate office Solutions today.