Chasing down meter reads for your office printer is time consuming and tedious. Companies with large printing fleets often find themselves putting a lot of energy into manually collecting accurate meter reads from their various devices. More often than not, it’s a headache that eats up a lot of time. This is where automatic meter reads comes into play.

Rather than sending your employees around to collect meter reads, this task can automatically be accomplished electronically with the click of a mouse. It’s a simple process with a handful of extra benefits that come along with it.

Key benefits to automatic meter reads:
Hassle-free data entry. No more need to spend hours manually entering your meter read data into a spreadsheet. Everything is collected and ready to go with fully automatic meter reads.
Improved productivity around the workplace. Your employees can focus on more important tasks that will benefit your bottom line, rather than spending time performing meter reads.
Increased accuracy of meter reads. Manual errors often lead to discrepancies that lead to more time spent analyzing numbers. Automatic meter reads can provide you with instant reports containing the most accurate current or historical data.
Automated meter billing. It’s a simplified billing approach that helps greatly with contract administration and other billing-related tasks.
A more secure system. User data and personal information is not visible through these automated reads. Only information from meters and IP addresses of connected devices are captured, protecting potentially sensitive information.

Getting rid of the hassle makes it all worth it
There are plenty of benefits to automatic meter reads, but is there anything more satisfying than eliminating the hassle of manually collecting this data? Sure, there are some cost-saving initiatives that come with it too—such as savings on labor costs associated with manual data entry. However, for those who have performed this task manually at some point in the past, you know how tedious this project can be. It’s a burden we can all be happy to be rid of.

The many benefits of automatic meter reads are hard to pass up for any business, especially those with numerous devices in their printing fleet. To implement this feature on your office’s devices, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions to get started today.