Finding a managed solutions provider is more like dating than shopping; you want to develop a relationship with your partner, not process a transaction. When you have developed a solid relationship with your solutions provider, your work together will help your company shine. To help you choose the right managed solutions partner, here are a few things to look for in “the one.”

The Service:
? Reliable & Prompt — Timely response is critical if you want to get your business back up to full speed if a problem arises. Can your provider get out to your location quickly?
? Responsive — Is your provider there when you need them? You want to know that your call will be returned promptly, instead of disappearing in a voicemail abyss.
? Brand-Neutral — You want a service provider, not a salesperson. Look for a company that services multiple brands and has only one loyalty—to you.
? Friendly — Having your equipment down is stressful enough; you don’t need rude people adding drama to your day. Pay attention to how you’re served, making sure it’s always with a smile.
? Focused — Your time is valuable, and your service should be straightforward and focused. A performance-minded partner will respect your time and make it a priority to get you up and running again as soon as possible.

The People:
? Educated — Any technicians that serve you should be well-educated, including brand certifications and ongoing training. Excellence requires effort.
? Skilled — You want more than just book knowledge. Can your partner apply this knowledge in a practical way? Do they understand your issues?
? Experienced — There’s no training that can substitute for time spent in the field, so look for technicians with both broad and deep on-the-ground experience.
? Thorough — Find a provider who works to understand the problem and will stop at nothing to get your team back up to full speed.
? Broad Expertise — Technical teams should have experience with all major printer and copier brands.

You don’t want just anyone managing your company’s resources. Let reviews and recommendations guide you, and be sure that any solutions provider you choose meets the guidelines we’ve outlined here. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today; we’d love to prove that we’re the kind of solutions provider you’re looking for.